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13 Feb 2015

Twitter is Examining ‘Share To WhatsApp’ Button To Rising its Customer Base

As we all know that WhatsApp is more well-known than twitter in India. It has more than 50 million users. So, Twitter may launch a ‘Share to WhatsApp’ button in the forthcoming edition of its Android app.

Currently, this feature is under testing as it revealed by some user posts on blogging website. The main purpose of this button is to share their tweets on the mobile messaging app.

Currently, users can share twitter posts on WhatsApp via a general Share button. But having a button only for WhatsApp may further immediate the Twitterati to share twitter posts with their WhatsApp contacts. Users will be able to send a message, along with the twitter update, while delivering it to a WhatsApp contact.

13 Feb 2015

Gtalk will Become History After 16th Februrary

As we all know Google always modify their algorithms and come up with new services. Now, according to reporters, Gtalk will replaced with Hangouts app. The services of Gtalk will take their last breath on 16th Februray. An incredible number of customers of Gtalk who has used this support since times now has to change to Hangout whether they like new support or not.

Hangout is lately released instant messaging and video chat system by the giant web search Google and they call it upcoming of the company and so it’s a chance to say goodbye to one of the most popular services of Google of all-time.

The choice will not are available anymore, as Hangouts will be the only way to connect with co-workers and buddies from 16th Februrary like all good stuff, Gtalk will also become history.

Users of Gmail can move to Hangouts without modifying their entire email interface. Google is providing an option to update to Hangouts just for the chat window on the left board while the other Gmail interface continues to be the same. The change from Gtalk to Hangouts will not be challenged with this minimal change.

13 Feb 2015

The Feature of Free Voice Calling on WhatsApp? True or False!!!

As we all know about the app of WhatsApp, You can talk, deliver images, send voice notes too; and now, it’s going to become even better. Some reports recommend about the WhatsApp’s upcoming feature of free of cost voice-calling.

This feature has been leaked by the images via Most likely, they might get given by a voice-calling service on the Android operating system 5.0 edition of WhatsApp that will be created available to devices operating on Lollipop flavor.

As the WhatsApp screenshot has shown some type of recording and playback choice engraved on the display with caller’s identification. Also, somehow the organization has handled to package in an individual calling display within the app that will come across in full-fledged way including of contact’s image, number and name etc.

The WhatsApp has been the method for the ruin of operator-bound SMS solutions. If they handle to provide 100 % free voice-calling service to an incredible number of its customers, then absolutely, it’s the end of conventional telecommunications designs, and thereby depending more on data-centric solutions.

04 Feb 2015

The Great Non Profit Donations Plugin For WordPress

Online donations are a great chance for any nonprofit organization or individual. There are so many reasons why should taking donations with WordPress because it is powerful, easy convenient and solid. There are so many benefits of donation with WordPress like lowering barriers, immediate transaction, available 24*7, automatic, recurring donations and many more options.

In this article you will see the top best donation plugins for WordPress. These plug-ins will permit you to make various kinds of movements and let you agree to contributions in several foreign exchange.

PayPal Donation- It is one of the famous plugin for Worpress. The options menu allows you installation your PayPal ID and some other optional configurations. You can pick which donation button you want to use or if you want to use your own button. You can also set an optional available standard objective and referrals which can be overridden on each placed example, with the shortcode choices or in the Widgets configurations. There are also choices offered for localization of the button, customized transaction web page design, currency and the return page.


Seamless Donation- This plugin permits you to accept donations, track donors and send customized thank you messages or mails with Seamless Donations for WordPress.

Donations Made Easy – Smart Donations- The all in one donation plugin, make various types of donations, make goals, observe your results, donation forms, thank you emails.


Custom Post Donations- This is the best WordPress plugin and will permit you to make exclusive customized PayPal donation widgets to include in your WordPress posts or pages and receive donations. In this Donations page, you will also discover some choices to describe the PayPal email address, thank you, page URL and the donation button.


Olimometer- It is an absolutely featured fundraising thermometer for WordPress. This totally personalized plug-in works rightly with PayPal and comes with a customized skin attribute. It is probable to show several thermometers in different content, pages, posts and the sidebar.


Donate– It is an outstanding free plugin for including donate buttons on your WordPress website. Easier and friendly user interface of the plugin will let you create donate buttons without going through lots of confusing options.


30 Jan 2015

7 Essential Quality Metrics For Evaluating Publishers For Guest Blogging

Ever since Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, declared guest blogging “done” around this time last year, the online marketing world has been rife with misinformation on the topic.

Contrary to popular belief, however, guest blogging is not dead — Cutts were simply pointing out that guest blogging strictly for links is a spammy tactic that SEO practitioners should not rely on as a link building strategy.

Guest blogging may not be a great link building strategy anymore, but columnist Jayson DeMers reminds us that it’s still a valuable tactic. Use the following seven quality metrics to determine which sites you should target for your guest blogging campaign.

  1. Google PageRank – Google PageRank (PR) has long been a metric obsessed-over by the SEO industry. PageRank is a number that’s assigned by Google to sites that it indexes, ranging from zero to ten.
  2. Domain Authority– Domain Authority (DA) is another composite score of a site’s quality. DA is a proprietary metric established by Moz, and it’s ranked on a scale that ranges from 0 to 100. It’s a logarithmic scale, and the higher the score, the better.
  3. Unique Referring Domains – “Unique referring domains” is another metric that’s provided by Moz through the Open Site Explorer and the MozBar. It tells you, at a glance, how diverse the link profile of a particular site looks by answering one simple question: How many unique, individual domains currently link to this site? The higher the number, the more diverse and stronger the link profile of the site is.
  4. Alexa Scorecom is an analytics site that helps you estimate traffic to any given domain. While it’s not definitive in terms of traffic and it doesn’t provide traffic figures for newer or smaller sites, it can give you a helpful idea of how much traffic a specific site receives.
  5. Relevance– Relevance is important to consider due to how much time you’re likely to invest in guest posting.
  6. Audience– Earlier, I discussed how to estimate the traffic of a particular site using Alexa. It’s also important, however, to evaluate the quality of the audience.
  7. Quality– The final aspect of assessing a site or blog as a potential venue to publish your content is the site’s overall quality.

This is how guest blogging is an important strategy for connecting your site to others in your field in the year ahead. So this is the brief of these seven factors. For more details you can visit on 7 Essential Quality Metrics For Evaluating Publishers For Guest Blogging

30 Jan 2015

YouTube Declares HTML5 Video by Default

Those days are gone when everyone uses Flash. There are so many limitations in this. You have to install plug-ins, its source intensive and not compatible on mobile, which creates so many security issues. But now after four years, YouTube declares that its video player will now by default to HTML5. It gives more flexibility for clients, developers and many more.

The change has been a long time coming, with YouTube works steadily to default to HTML5 across the major browsers, including Chrome, beta versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari 8.

There are some advantages which come after this huge change and it is also used in smart TVs and other gadgets. The main technologies which allows in this are given below :

Adaptive Bitrate is one of the feature which YouTube enable in this new change. Now with the support of ABR the video quality improves. ABR has reduced buffering by more than 50 percent globally and as much as 80 percent on heavily-congested networks. MediaSource Extensions also enable live streaming in game consoles like Xbox and PS4, on devices like Chromecast and in web browsers.

Open VP9 Codec is one other feature which YouTube enabled and it starts the video 15 to 18 percent faster and gives you advanced quality of video resolution and decreases the bandwidth of 35 percent on average. These smaller files access to more individuals to use 4K and HD at 60FPS.

Encrypted Media Extensions added an API to HTML Video  which permitted the video to be wrapped in whatever content protection the device supported.

The other features like WebRTC allows direct-to-YouTube recording and live broadcasting, the Fullscreen API allows for immersive viewing, and YouTube is criticizing the use of a Flash object tag for embedding and recommends using the iframe API.

You can also read the full details and benefits on this YouTube now defaults to HTML5 video

29 Jan 2015

Canvas 2D: New docs, Path2D objects, hit regions

Over the last year, a couple of new HTML Canvas 2D features were implemented in Firefox and other recent browsers, with the help of the Adobe Web platform team. Over on MDN, the documentation for Canvas 2D got a major update to reflect the current canvas standard and browser implementation status. Let’s have a look what is new and how you can use it to enhance your canvas graphics and gaming content.

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29 Jan 2015

First Time JQuey Conference in Banglore, India

The very big news for all the aspirants who wants to enhance and share their knowledge that first time in India official JQuery conference will held on July 22-25, 2015 in Bangalore. The program schedules are:
Day 0- Wednesday, 22 July
From JQuery Mobile to Performance Tuning Front-end Code
Day 1 – Thursday, July 23
Meet the future of Web Technologies
Day 2 & 3 – Friday, July 24 and Saturday, July 25th
Everything You Ever Wanted to Learn About JQuery

Conference Venue

Chancery Pavilion
#135, Residency Road,
Bangalore – 560 025, India

For more information and registration you can visit