25 Jun 2018

Trends taking over the Tech 2018

  • AI Permeation: The development of Artificial Intelligence by making it easier and more capable by bringing it to more devices as well as applications has proved that AI isn’t just getting better. It has been claimed that Oracle is coming soon with AI, developing a service to the customer to build their own AI applications. It is going to be a boon for the developers among their challenges.

  • Digital Centralization: 2018 has in its bag a lot of new developments in tech, one of which is the cornerstone- Digital Centralization. In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of “smart” appliances coming the market, including a smart watch, smart TVs, Air Conditioners, etc. It is the basic idea of centralizing most of the duties we need to manage in our daily lives- from navigating to a remote destination, to changing the temperature of the house.

  • 5G Preparation: Could we expect for a network speed much more than 4G? Yes, by the end of 2019. This is the year of massive prep for engineers, developers, as well as the consumers as they get ready for a new generation of internet. It has the ability of a faster and more reliable connection as it depends on having a secure and stable network infrastructure. Although still best known as the chip-making powerhouse that supplies the processing power in most laptops and PCs, Intel is keen to stretch its wings and move into the hugely important world of 5G.

  • Data Overload: Data collection has been kept as a higher priority in 201 with the realization of the power of consumer data. This development has a silver lining of reduced privacy, as this will lead to easy access to companies over personal data. But it is also observed that increase in data has 2 sides. Either the company prospers by learning more from it, or it loses to learn and eventually loses the data, its availability being time-bound. An increase by 4300% in annual data collection by 2020 is predicted, while on an average the companies use only a fraction of the data they collect.

  • White Collar Automation: Advancing with a slow pace, AI has also been observed taking over certain jobs which can better be automated than be given to a human employee. It would be dumb to say if the robots are taking over major jobs this year, but small beginnings have been made in developed nations like the USA, in jobs such as writing news articles. It is definitely a disruption for the traditional white-collar jobs, but if you fall under such a category which might be taken over by AI, you might as well adapt to other careers.

  • Seamless Conversation: Tech development is taking place in every aspect of latest generation devices, “speaking” of which, voice search facilities. The improvement in this field is massive, as it has much lower error rate than human transcribers. Voice search is significant this year with the smart speakers and newer Bluetooth devices, but as it stands, traditional search application remains strong.


  • UI Overhauls: In information technology, User Interface is all that is required in an information appliance in order to provide ease to the user via interaction. No need to unlock the phone and look on the screen while gathering the required information. “Hey Siri” “Okay Google”, speak it out, and get the work done. Improvements in visuals and more audible clues will likely to be a part of the new generation of UI.



13 Feb 2015

Twitter is Examining ‘Share To WhatsApp’ Button To Rising its Customer Base

As we all know that WhatsApp is more well-known than twitter in India. It has more than 50 million users. So, Twitter may launch a ‘Share to WhatsApp’ button in the forthcoming edition of its Android app.

Currently, this feature is under testing as it revealed by some user posts on blogging website. The main purpose of this button is to share their tweets on the mobile messaging app.

Currently, users can share twitter posts on WhatsApp via a general Share button. But having a button only for WhatsApp may further immediate the Twitterati to share twitter posts with their WhatsApp contacts. Users will be able to send a message, along with the twitter update, while delivering it to a WhatsApp contact.

13 Feb 2015

Gtalk will Become History After 16th Februrary

As we all know Google always modify their algorithms and come up with new services. Now, according to reporters, Gtalk will replaced with Hangouts app. The services of Gtalk will take their last breath on 16th Februray. An incredible number of customers of Gtalk who has used this support since times now has to change to Hangout whether they like new support or not.

Hangout is lately released instant messaging and video chat system by the giant web search Google and they call it upcoming of the company and so it’s a chance to say goodbye to one of the most popular services of Google of all-time.

The choice will not are available anymore, as Hangouts will be the only way to connect with co-workers and buddies from 16th Februrary like all good stuff, Gtalk will also become history.

Users of Gmail can move to Hangouts without modifying their entire email interface. Google is providing an option to update to Hangouts just for the chat window on the left board while the other Gmail interface continues to be the same. The change from Gtalk to Hangouts will not be challenged with this minimal change.

13 Feb 2015

The Feature of Free Voice Calling on WhatsApp? True or False!!!

As we all know about the app of WhatsApp, You can talk, deliver images, send voice notes too; and now, it’s going to become even better. Some reports recommend about the WhatsApp’s upcoming feature of free of cost voice-calling.

This feature has been leaked by the images via AndroidWorld.nl. Most likely, they might get given by a voice-calling service on the Android operating system 5.0 edition of WhatsApp that will be created available to devices operating on Lollipop flavor.

As the WhatsApp screenshot has shown some type of recording and playback choice engraved on the display with caller’s identification. Also, somehow the organization has handled to package in an individual calling display within the app that will come across in full-fledged way including of contact’s image, number and name etc.

The WhatsApp has been the method for the ruin of operator-bound SMS solutions. If they handle to provide 100 % free voice-calling service to an incredible number of its customers, then absolutely, it’s the end of conventional telecommunications designs, and thereby depending more on data-centric solutions.

29 Jan 2015

First Time JQuey Conference in Banglore, India

The very big news for all the aspirants who wants to enhance and share their knowledge that first time in India official JQuery conference will held on July 22-25, 2015 in Bangalore. The program schedules are:
Day 0- Wednesday, 22 July
From JQuery Mobile to Performance Tuning Front-end Code
Day 1 – Thursday, July 23
Meet the future of Web Technologies
Day 2 & 3 – Friday, July 24 and Saturday, July 25th
Everything You Ever Wanted to Learn About JQuery

Conference Venue

Chancery Pavilion
#135, Residency Road,
Bangalore – 560 025, India

For more information and registration you can visit http://jqueryconf.in