30 Jan 2015

7 Essential Quality Metrics For Evaluating Publishers For Guest Blogging

Ever since Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, declared guest blogging “done” around this time last year, the online marketing world has been rife with misinformation on the topic.

Contrary to popular belief, however, guest blogging is not dead — Cutts were simply pointing out that guest blogging strictly for links is a spammy tactic that SEO practitioners should not rely on as a link building strategy.

Guest blogging may not be a great link building strategy anymore, but columnist Jayson DeMers reminds us that it’s still a valuable tactic. Use the following seven quality metrics to determine which sites you should target for your guest blogging campaign.

  1. Google PageRank – Google PageRank (PR) has long been a metric obsessed-over by the SEO industry. PageRank is a number that’s assigned by Google to sites that it indexes, ranging from zero to ten.
  2. Domain Authority– Domain Authority (DA) is another composite score of a site’s quality. DA is a proprietary metric established by Moz, and it’s ranked on a scale that ranges from 0 to 100. It’s a logarithmic scale, and the higher the score, the better.
  3. Unique Referring Domains – “Unique referring domains” is another metric that’s provided by Moz through the Open Site Explorer and the MozBar. It tells you, at a glance, how diverse the link profile of a particular site looks by answering one simple question: How many unique, individual domains currently link to this site? The higher the number, the more diverse and stronger the link profile of the site is.
  4. Alexa Scorecom is an analytics site that helps you estimate traffic to any given domain. While it’s not definitive in terms of traffic and it doesn’t provide traffic figures for newer or smaller sites, it can give you a helpful idea of how much traffic a specific site receives.
  5. Relevance– Relevance is important to consider due to how much time you’re likely to invest in guest posting.
  6. Audience– Earlier, I discussed how to estimate the traffic of a particular site using Alexa. It’s also important, however, to evaluate the quality of the audience.
  7. Quality– The final aspect of assessing a site or blog as a potential venue to publish your content is the site’s overall quality.

This is how guest blogging is an important strategy for connecting your site to others in your field in the year ahead. So this is the brief of these seven factors. For more details you can visit on 7 Essential Quality Metrics For Evaluating Publishers For Guest Blogging