13 Feb 2015

Gtalk will Become History After 16th Februrary

As we all know Google always modify their algorithms and come up with new services. Now, according to reporters, Gtalk will replaced with Hangouts app. The services of Gtalk will take their last breath on 16th Februray. An incredible number of customers of Gtalk who has used this support since times now has to change to Hangout whether they like new support or not.

Hangout is lately released instant messaging and video chat system by the giant web search Google and they call it upcoming of the company and so it’s a chance to say goodbye to one of the most popular services of Google of all-time.

The choice will not are available anymore, as Hangouts will be the only way to connect with co-workers and buddies from 16th Februrary like all good stuff, Gtalk will also become history.

Users of Gmail can move to Hangouts without modifying their entire email interface. Google is providing an option to update to Hangouts just for the chat window on the left board while the other Gmail interface continues to be the same. The change from Gtalk to Hangouts will not be challenged with this minimal change.

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