13 Feb 2015

The Feature of Free Voice Calling on WhatsApp? True or False!!!

As we all know about the app of WhatsApp, You can talk, deliver images, send voice notes too; and now, it’s going to become even better. Some reports recommend about the WhatsApp’s upcoming feature of free of cost voice-calling.

This feature has been leaked by the images via AndroidWorld.nl. Most likely, they might get given by a voice-calling service on the Android operating system 5.0 edition of WhatsApp that will be created available to devices operating on Lollipop flavor.

As the WhatsApp screenshot has shown some type of recording and playback choice engraved on the display with caller’s identification. Also, somehow the organization has handled to package in an individual calling display within the app that will come across in full-fledged way including of contact’s image, number and name etc.

The WhatsApp has been the method for the ruin of operator-bound SMS solutions. If they handle to provide 100 % free voice-calling service to an incredible number of its customers, then absolutely, it’s the end of conventional telecommunications designs, and thereby depending more on data-centric solutions.

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