25 Jun 2018

Trends taking over the Tech 2018

  • AI Permeation: The development of Artificial Intelligence by making it easier and more capable by bringing it to more devices as well as applications has proved that AI isn’t just getting better. It has been claimed that Oracle is coming soon with AI, developing a service to the customer to build their own AI applications. It is going to be a boon for the developers among their challenges.

  • Digital Centralization: 2018 has in its bag a lot of new developments in tech, one of which is the cornerstone- Digital Centralization. In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of “smart” appliances coming the market, including a smart watch, smart TVs, Air Conditioners, etc. It is the basic idea of centralizing most of the duties we need to manage in our daily lives- from navigating to a remote destination, to changing the temperature of the house.

  • 5G Preparation: Could we expect for a network speed much more than 4G? Yes, by the end of 2019. This is the year of massive prep for engineers, developers, as well as the consumers as they get ready for a new generation of internet. It has the ability of a faster and more reliable connection as it depends on having a secure and stable network infrastructure. Although still best known as the chip-making powerhouse that supplies the processing power in most laptops and PCs, Intel is keen to stretch its wings and move into the hugely important world of 5G.

  • Data Overload: Data collection has been kept as a higher priority in 201 with the realization of the power of consumer data. This development has a silver lining of reduced privacy, as this will lead to easy access to companies over personal data. But it is also observed that increase in data has 2 sides. Either the company prospers by learning more from it, or it loses to learn and eventually loses the data, its availability being time-bound. An increase by 4300% in annual data collection by 2020 is predicted, while on an average the companies use only a fraction of the data they collect.

  • White Collar Automation: Advancing with a slow pace, AI has also been observed taking over certain jobs which can better be automated than be given to a human employee. It would be dumb to say if the robots are taking over major jobs this year, but small beginnings have been made in developed nations like the USA, in jobs such as writing news articles. It is definitely a disruption for the traditional white-collar jobs, but if you fall under such a category which might be taken over by AI, you might as well adapt to other careers.

  • Seamless Conversation: Tech development is taking place in every aspect of latest generation devices, “speaking” of which, voice search facilities. The improvement in this field is massive, as it has much lower error rate than human transcribers. Voice search is significant this year with the smart speakers and newer Bluetooth devices, but as it stands, traditional search application remains strong.


  • UI Overhauls: In information technology, User Interface is all that is required in an information appliance in order to provide ease to the user via interaction. No need to unlock the phone and look on the screen while gathering the required information. “Hey Siri” “Okay Google”, speak it out, and get the work done. Improvements in visuals and more audible clues will likely to be a part of the new generation of UI.