30 Jan 2015

YouTube Declares HTML5 Video by Default

Those days are gone when everyone uses Flash. There are so many limitations in this. You have to install plug-ins, its source intensive and not compatible on mobile, which creates so many security issues. But now after four years, YouTube declares that its video player will now by default to HTML5. It gives more flexibility for clients, developers and many more.

The change has been a long time coming, with YouTube works steadily to default to HTML5 across the major browsers, including Chrome, beta versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari 8.

There are some advantages which come after this huge change and it is also used in smart TVs and other gadgets. The main technologies which allows in this are given below :

Adaptive Bitrate is one of the feature which YouTube enable in this new change. Now with the support of ABR the video quality improves. ABR has reduced buffering by more than 50 percent globally and as much as 80 percent on heavily-congested networks. MediaSource Extensions also enable live streaming in game consoles like Xbox and PS4, on devices like Chromecast and in web browsers.

Open VP9 Codec is one other feature which YouTube enabled and it starts the video 15 to 18 percent faster and gives you advanced quality of video resolution and decreases the bandwidth of 35 percent on average. These smaller files access to more individuals to use 4K and HD at 60FPS.

Encrypted Media Extensions added an API to HTML Video  which permitted the video to be wrapped in whatever content protection the device supported.

The other features like WebRTC allows direct-to-YouTube recording and live broadcasting, the Fullscreen API allows for immersive viewing, and YouTube is criticizing the use of a Flash object tag for embedding and recommends using the iframe API.

You can also read the full details and benefits on this YouTube now defaults to HTML5 video

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